We are the only company in the entire industry to test all our products with the Brain Response Test and Biokinesiology.  These tests allow us to choose the highest quality, most natural ingredients for our products and it also enables us to formulate the products so that each ingredient in a formula contributes to the overall synergistic effect and is in the right proportion to the other ingredients.  We make each product as potent as possible and use almost no fillers, binders, coverings, etc.

It is obvious that no other company uses the Brain Response Test or even a similarly effective technique to develop and test their products.  It is difficult to find products in a health food store that test consistently good – although there are some.  It is almost impossible to find supplements in a drug store or supermarket that are acceptable.  We wish that all companies would use the Brain Response Test and would produce supplements that are safe and effective.  But since that is not now the case, we will continue to expand the R-Garden product line so that we can meet more of the demand for excellent high quality supplements.  If you have suggestions as to which products you would like to see added to our line, please let us know and we will take your suggestions into consideration as we develop new products to help you achieve a higher level of health and vitality.