For those new to our company we would like to welcome you to R-Garden and tell you about our history and mission.

For more than 48 years, our family, the co-founders of R-Garden, have shared a mutual passion for better health for our families, customers, and ourselves. We have always endeavored to eat as naturally as possible, growing our own food and taking supplements to give us an extra boost. For twenty years, we operated nine health food stores in the Pacific Northwest, seeking to stay on the cutting edge of the latest nutritional advances and sharing with others our vision of how to attain and maintain good health.

In 1990, we discovered a line of plant enzyme products that were then only available through doctors. As we began to take these enzyme supplements, our ability to digest and assimilate food was greatly enhanced. We immediately noticed profound improvements in our health. Although we had been eating the best foods and supplements for years, we lacked the proper enzymes to fully digest and assimilate the nutrients from our food.

We felt it was tragic that these wonderful products weren't readily available to the public. So, from this desire to help people improve their health came the idea to form a company that could market these health-enhancing products to the general public. And, over the past 32 years, the company has grown from a single product to a full range of excellent life changing products. Our philosophy from the beginning has been to only offer products made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure our customers receive the maximum health benefits. Just as our products are unique, so is our name and the philosophy behind it. "R-Garden" means "Our" inner garden of health. The "R" stands for "Rejuvenating", "Restoring", and "Revitalizing" the garden that grows within us. We believe that the name R-Garden, wonderfully portrays the necessity "that we all have to take responsibility for our own health". We hope to inspire and encourage you to do the same for yourselves.

In 1996 we discovered a unique stabilized oxygen supplement that we named Vitamin O. It has been a help to so many people. We received hundreds of testimonials from customers who wrote about how it had helped them in some exceptional way. Vitamin O quickly became our best selling product and has remained so to this day.

Our commitment to only offer products of highest quality and potency is what has helped us continue to grow. Our mission is to fill the need for better nutrition in an ailing world by providing tools for the health-conscious consumer to have the highest quality of life possible. All our study and research suggests that if we give the body the right tools it can correct most imbalances caused by today's poor nutrition, stress, and environmental pollution. Our promise to you is simple yet uncompromising: we will never put R-Garden's label on a product unless it passes our high standards for health-building bioactivity.

We invite you to try our products and see what a difference they may make in your life. These products are for life. Your life.

Health and Wellness,
Don & Helen Smyth, Gaylen & Shawna Pelts