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Respiratory Lung System, 180 caps.
Respiratory Lung System
Respiratory Lung System, 180 caps.

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          The respiratory system is a chemical and filtration wonder that modern science can observe and dream about with envy.  No man-made product can begin to do the job of this amazing work-horse.

          A bag of air, a sack full of almost sponge-like material, that is the lung.  If you run hard your "lungs hurt".  This is actually not the lungs, but the muscles helping the lungs work.  If you smoke toxic substances (or breathe second hand smoke), this delicate sack of air can be permanently harmed.  Be aware of your lungs - they were wonderfully made.

          If you have "fluid in the lungs", this is commonly NOT a lung problem, but it could be a lymphatic difficulty, a kidney filtration problem, a histamine reaction, or an immune system breakdown.  Therefore, we suggest that before you take something for your "lungs", analyze the problem and be sure that the lung organ is actually at fault.

          Each time you breathe in, you are bringing in oxygen and other needed gases.  Your lungs AUTOMATICALLY absorb exactly the correct amount of oxygen you need; if it were to absorb too much oxygen, you would suffer from an acid imbalance in the blood system.  Too little and eventually you would die.

          The lungs also exhale large amounts of toxic waste when you breathe out.  This helps to keep the blood system clean.  Bad breath can be caused by a toxic or sick condition of the body, such as toxins from infections or other difficulties in the lungs. 

          The nose, the trachea and bronchioles are all part of the fine air-conditioning system.  Moisturizing, filtering and warming the air entering the lungs, and the work of maintaining proper body temperature, are all done automatically in the nose and throat area.  


Cause of Imbalance

  • Smoking
  • Second hand smoking
  • Breathing in toxic chemical fumes or "air-pollution"
  • Infections
  • Drugs such as decongestants
  • Lack of exercise
  • Tumors
  • Dust inhalation (vacuuming, sanding, plowing)
  • Liver, kidney or lymphatic congestion
  • Mucous lining weakness
  • Upper thoracic mal-alignment
  • Parasite or fungi infestation
  • Constipation
  • Upper cervical and thoracic mal-alignment 

Symptoms of Imbalance

  • Shortness of breath
  • Asthma or bronchitis
  • Deep coughing
  • Rasping sound deep in lungs
  • Pain in chest
  • Excessive mucus in nose or throat
  • Excessive dryness of nose or throat
  • Cyanosis (blue lips or skin)
  • Hyperventilating
  • Dizziness or fatigue  

R-Garden's Herbal Blends


R-Garden Herbal Blends are a culmination of over 32 years of careful, scientific, health research.  Each formulation is designed to feed, nourish and cleanse specific systems of the mind and body.
There are over 300,000 known useful herbs on this planet!  The Bio-Data Herbal Research Group, which has formulated these blends for us, has chosen from over 1,500 of these available substances.  They have located the finest and most useful types of herbs and concentrated foods that could be obtained and put these into our herbal blends.         

The Bio-Data Herbal Research Group is the originator of the Brain Response Test that we use to test all of the R-Garden products.  In their research into the body and how it works, they have tested various organs and tissues of the body to see what nutrients could be used to strengthen them.  They found that these organs and tissues could be grouped together into systems and that what strengthened the system would then strengthen each member of that system.  In working with these over the years they found many hierarchies of systems in the body.  So that now each of these blends is designed to strengthen literally thousands of tissues in the body!

Suggested Dosage:
1 capsule 3 times per day with meals or as needed.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 180
  Amount Per Serving % DV
Herbal Blend 500 mg *
Herbal Blend contains: Anise Seed, Beet Root, Carqueja Leaf, Carrot Root, Dandelion Root, Fang Feng Root, Jiaogulan, Lemon Grass Aerials, Malva Sylvestris Leaf, Millet Seed, Mullein Leaf, Noni Berries, Plantain Leaf, Rice Flour, Slippery Elm Bark in a base of Calcium Carbonate and Bentonite Clay.
* Daily Value not established
Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule (Cellulose, Purified Water).
Nothing in this product is of animal origin.
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Respiratory Lung System
I have COPD that supplement really works with in an hour of some distress I get relief and able to breath more freely, especially when we have foggy and rainy weather.
Reviewed by: Mary L. Kauffman from Beavertown, PA. on 2/9/2017
lung essential
I have used Respiratory Lung for approx. 5 yrs. I have Pulmonary Fibrosis and it more than helps with keeping my lungs clear and breathing much easier......
Reviewed by: Gaylen from Naples, Fl. on 1/28/2014
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