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Welcome Natural News visitors and thank you for your interest in Vitamin O Stabilized Liquid Oxygen.

Thousands of people have tried this marvelous product and reported some very remarkable results.  We invite you to read some of the amazing customer reviews from satisfied people who have benefited by adding this life-changing product to their daily diet. 

Our company, R-Garden Inc., has long been a leader in bringing the latest and very best nutritional products to the public.  But of all the products we have discovered, Vitamin O has been our most popular product and best seller since 1996.  We believe that demonstrates the truly remarkable value of Vitamin OIf you haven't yet tried Vitamin O, we would like for you to experience this product for yourself. 

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We are so confident that you will benefit from this product, that we are offering it to you absolutely risk free.  If Vitamin O doesn't make you feel better, like it has for thousands of satisfied customers, simply return your order for a full refund (excluding shipping costs) anytime within ninety days.

Read about Vitamin O now!

Keeps me well....
  I am so very blessed to have discovered this product. It truly gives me energy and the get up and go well feeling I need each day. If I am feeling low, I simply place under my tongue or add some drops to my water, and I feel better in no time at all. Love it!
  Reviewed by:  Gloria Morgan from Springfield, VA. on 4/13/2010
V-O helps my shoulder
  Many years after my shoulder surgery I still had aching pain in my shoulder it seemed like it was every day. I tried many things to get ride of the pain, and the only thing that would help was Vitamin O. After a week I completely forgot about the nagging pain in my shoulder. The main activity that bothered my shoulder I was able to do. VO is amazing I tell every one I know about it. wow! wonderful. Tim.
  Reviewed by:  Timothy Ellenberger from Jasper, Oregon. on 11/30/2010
Vitamin O
  I have you used vitamin o for a several years and i use it for a lot of things burns, headaches. rash dizziness, pain and much much more. I've told many people about this product and they are amazed. I try to keep it on my shelf at all times.
  Reviewed by:  billie jackson from des moines, iowa . on 7/1/2010
Vitamin O is great even if you don't have breathing problems!
  I don't have any breathing or lung problems. But when we moved to a higher elevation I found I was more short of breath when working out. Then when we moved to a desert environment I found it harder to breath with the heat. I used Vitamin O in both OR and AZ and it made such a difference. I also have used it in my dogs ears for infections and takes bug bite stings right away!!
  Reviewed by:  Sheila Bueche from Bend, OR. on 11/2/2010
Vitamin O the Miracle product
  The use of this product keeps me from getting colds and Bronchitis every February. It reduces pain in my legs due to varicose veins. A great product for any problem. I would hate to be without access to this product.
  Reviewed by:  Sharon Patton from Tulsa, OK. on 11/3/2010
Vitamin O
  I have been using Vitamin O since the mid 90s. Smoking? Wheezing? I put about 15 drops in 2 oz of water and wheezing stops. I have put it on psoriasis and the scaly areas got better and itching stopped. Bruises, say you bump the corner of a table, put some Vitamin O on the spot RIGHT AWAY and you probably won't even get a bruise and the redness and pain will diminish almost immediately. Got a scald-1st degree burn-put Vitamin O on it RIGHT AWAY and it will help. It's good for so many things.
  Reviewed by:  Pam from Decatur, AL. on 11/15/2010
Vitamin O
  My daughter developed breathing problems and was generally run down after having 4 babies in five years and breast feeding them all. She was using two different inhalers 2-3 times a day. She started taking vitamin O and was able to get off of the inhalers within one week.
  Reviewed by:  Donna Chicca from Bakersfield CA. on 11/28/2010
Vitamin O is a cornerstone
  Vitamin O is a cornerstone of my alternate care. I had regular bouts of lung infections and took oral steroids often more than 8 courses in a given year. I began using Vitamin O near the later part of 1999 and along with a few other alternative therapies and became asthma free in 2000. The tremendous change in condition has been consistent more than a decade. Vitamin O offers quick clearing for morning coughing and great breathing for me throughout the day - no asthma anymore. I would not be without it again.
  Reviewed by:  Susan Bredhoff from Pennington, NJ. on 12/3/2010
Vitamin O
  I've used Vitamin O for several years to assist with asthma, COPD and congestive heart issues. Sometimes it's the only thing that quickly clears airway congestion so I can take a breath with ease. I don't allow myself to ever run out of this product. Nothing is so important as being able to take a deep breath! Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Leslie James from Ventura, CA. on 12/27/2010
Amazing "O"
  I have used Vitamin O for more than 10 years orally as an energy booster and on my gums to keep them healthy. My dog has also greatly benefited from Vitamin O. He was scheduled for surgery to have some itchy skin eruptions on his front leg removed that would not heal. I told the vet to cancel the surgery and I would try to heal them on my own. Vitamin O stopped the itching the first day of use and after a few weeks the eruptions dried to very small hard bumps. That was 6 years ago and there's never been any further problem. He also had a big wart on his nose that fell off after several weeks of spraying it with Vitamin O. I've also used Vitamin O on his rough and cracked pads and the vet said to keep it up as needed.
  Reviewed by:  C.K. from Garden City, KS. on 12/27/2010
The Cancer And Lung Alternative
  In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg, the NOBEL PRIZE winner, demonstrated how cancer cannot grow rapidly in the presence of oxygen. In 2010, John Hummiston, M.D., stated, "As we get older we have a lack of oxygen." This product has helped me, when experiencing pains in my arm and chest without taking aspirin. This product also helped other family members when they had difficulty breathing, especially during summer months.
  Reviewed by:  Dennis from West Hills, Ca. on 4/5/2011
Vitamin O
  I believe Vitamin O saved my life. Many years ago I became chemically sensitive and could not use an inhaler for breathing problems, Vitamin O would help me to be able to breath after exposure to tobacco smoke. I was not able to use an inhaler for over 5 yrs. Thank you for energy testing your products!
  Reviewed by:  Vivian from St. Louis. on 4/26/2011