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Liver Gallbladder System, 180 caps.
Liver Gallbladder System
Liver Gallbladder System, 180 caps.

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          The liver is the chemical factory bar none.  Thousands of masterful chemical reactions occur without a polluting smokestack to be found.  Too many hormones in the blood stream?  The liver goes to work breaking down the excess of hormones.  Blood sugar too low?  The liver knows how to adjust this, too.  Red blood cells are ready to be thrown out?  The liver breaks them down and reuses all the parts - ecologically thrifty.

          Swallow junk food, and the liver tries to combat this toxin.  Absorb perfume through the skin or the lungs, and the liver tries to antidote this serious poison, too.  Bee stings or snake bite - the liver's chemical expertise goes to work to keep you alive.  A marvel of creation!


Causes of Imbalance 

  • Toxic sprayed foods
  • Junk foods
  • Toxic chemicals at home or work
  • Air pollution
  • Cancer
  • Thoracic 3 or 5 mal-alignment
  • Poor digestion
  • Blockage of bile duct
  • Most drugs harm liver
  • Alcohol 

Symptoms of Imbalance 

  • Inability to digest fats and oils
  • Severe nausea
  • Yellow tinge to skin and eyes
  • Deep, dull pain in lower right chest area
  • Sharp pain deep in lower rib cage, possible gall stones
  • Chemical sensitivity (especially to perfumes, common sprays, etc.)
  • Headaches
  • Mental and physical fatigue
  • Ache all over
  • Chemical taste in mouth
  • Hyper/hypo-active
  • Some severe overweight conditions 

R-Garden's Herbal Blends


R-Garden Herbal Blends are a culmination of over 32 years of careful, scientific, health research.  Each formulation is designed to feed, nourish and cleanse specific systems of the mind and body.
There are over 300,000 known useful herbs on this planet!  The Bio-Data Herbal Research Group, which has formulated these blends for us, has chosen from over 1,500 of these available substances.  They have located the finest and most useful types of herbs and concentrated foods that could be obtained and put these into our herbal blends.         

The Bio-Data Herbal Research Group is the originator of the Brain Response Test that we use to test all of the R-Garden products.  In their research into the body and how it works, they have tested various organs and tissues of the body to see what nutrients could be used to strengthen them.  They found that these organs and tissues could be grouped together into systems and that what strengthened the system would then strengthen each member of that system.  In working with these over the years they found many hierarchies of systems in the body.  So that now each of these blends is designed to strengthen literally thousands of tissues in the body!

Suggested Dosage:
Take 1 capsule 3 times per day with meals or as needed.
Supplement Facts
Serving size: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 180
  Amount Per Serving % DV
Herbal Blend* 500 mg **
* Herbal Blend contains: Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Aminomin AAC, 72 Trace Mineral Complex, Astragalus Root, Beet Root, Burdock Root, Cleavers Herb, Lemongrass, Milk Thistle Seed, Shavegrass Aerials, Slippery Elm Bark and White Pine Bark.
** Daily Value not established
Vegetarian Capsules
Nothing in this product is of animal origin.
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Liver-Gallbladder System
This winter as soon as the cold weather came, I once again, started having a rash on my hands. It got bad with the skin breaking up and bleeding. Whenever that happens I suddenly can't tolerate almost any soap, as it will irritate my skin. I have tried different Herbal Salves and nothing would heal it completely. I didn't go to a Dr., because going to a medical Dr. is my last option. I try to use natural remedies, herbs, and vitamins as much as possible. Finally 1 day, I found several bottles of "out-dated" Liver-Gallbladder Blend in storage, so I decided to try that. I had been using a different brand of Liver herbs, but apparently that was not good enough. In late Nov. I started taking 8 tablets a day and within 7-10 days I could see a big difference! My rash was healing up! A few weeks later the scar was about gone, too. It was so amazing! I'm still using this product and trying to keep away from things that irritate my skin because now & then I have a little problem w/ a rash. But nothing serious as long as I'm on this Liver-Gallbladder Blend. How thankful I am for herbs that help! I'm now recommending this product to my friends who have problems with skin rash. Note: these out-dated pills had Exp. 11/03 your products are good for years!
Reviewed by: Miriam Y. from Vienna, IL. on 2/1/2014
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