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Gamma-Zyme, 2 sizes
Gamma-Zyme, 2 sizes

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A Soothing Alternative


The purpose of our digestive tract is to extract and absorb the essential nutrients contained in the food we consume. Digestive enzymes aid in this process by breaking down large food molecules into smaller, readily absorbable building blocks the body requires.

Naturally grown foods contain the enzymes necessary to aid in the digestion process so that the body doesn't have to use its enzyme reserves to do all the work. But when we process, refine, heat, or microwave our food, most if not all enzymes are rendered useless. At a temperature above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, all enzyme activity is destroyed. When we consume cooked or highly processed foods, our digestive system has to produce the enzymes necessary to digest what was eaten.

For anyone suffering from ulcers, gastritis, severe burning sensations, irritable bowel syndrome, or intestinal lining damage, proper digestion and absorption of nutrients can be especially difficult. Typical alternatives for relief include: 1) dietary changes, 2) over the counter or prescription drugs, and 3) vitamin and herbal supplements. Three natural remedies that appear to help with digestion and to soothe irritated gastrointestinal linings are gamma oryzanol, aloe vera, and peppermint.

Gamma Oryzanol (rice bran oil) is a naturally occurring mixture of plant chemicals - ferulic acid and phytosterols. Ferulic acid appears to provide health benefits due to its ability to prevent abnormal tissue growth and its antioxidant properties. Phytosterols appear to help lower cholesterol by reducing absorption of it in the intestines. Gamma oryzanol has been shown in clinical studies to be effective as a remedy for several ailments including irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, and duodenal and gastric ulcers caused by stress.

Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years to treat skin problems and wounds. More recently, aloe vera has been used to improve conditions in the digestive tract, stimulate the immune system, treat inflammations, and speed up cell growth. Many of its beneficial properties are attributed to the large number of mucopolysaccharides (basic sugars) present in the inner gel of the leaf, especially acetylated mannans (primarily in the form of mannose). The acetylated mannans help to bring the immune system into balance when it is in either a suppressed or over stimulated condition.

Peppermint leaves have been used as a digestion aid and to ease headaches for centuries. Today, peppermint is known as a popular flavoring agent and as a remedy for gas, intestinal colic, intestinal inflammations, stomach disorders, and liver and gallbladder problems. It helps with the digest of fats by stimulating the flow of digestive juices and the production of bile. When taken with a meal, it helps with food digestion and reduces the amount of gas produced by shortening the time food is in the stomach.


Health Benefits


Researchers have studied gamma oryzanol to determine what effect it could have on the gastrointestinal mucosa. It appears to have positive benefits for gastritis suffers. Aloe vera appears to have a soothing effect on gastritis and helps inhibit the caustic bacteria, Helicobacter pylori. H pylori is a major cause of gastritis and conditions that lead to peptic ulcers.  

Peppermint appears to be an effective remedy for improving digestion and releasing gas. It can help the stomach muscles relax, soothe the lining of the colon, and help relieve diarrhea and spastic colon symptoms. Peppermint is also effective as a remedy for relieving stress, anxiety, restlessness, and nervous insomnia.

Digestive enzymes assist in the breakdown of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and sugars. The body can't utilize the nutrients even in healthy foods unless digestive enzymes are present to aid in the delivery of the nutrients to the bloodstream, cells, and organs. And, these nutrients are what keep the immune system and the rest of the body strong and healthy.

If the body is forced to supply the digestive enzymes needed for digestion, then it has fewer enzymes for other essential body functions. Including supplemental plant enzymes at the time food is consumed provides two important benefits: plant enzymes can go to work immediately to start the digestive process and the body doesn't have to take enzymes from other organs. This means that more metabolic enzymes will be available to help organs and tissues function properly.

Including enzyme supplements in a daily diet may yield these powerful benefits: 1) restore the body's enzyme supply, 2) boost energy level, 3) strengthen the immune system, and 4) improve overall well-being.




Gamma-Zyme is a soothing alternative for those wishing to add a digestive enzyme supplement to their diet but also suffer from ulcers, gastritis, severe burning sensations, irritable bowel syndrome, or intestinal lining damage. Each vegetarian capsule contains a unique formulation of plant enzymes and herbs to help digest fats, starches, sugars and fibers and soothe and restore damaged or irritated intestinal linings. Protease, the protein digesting enzyme, is excluded from this formula as it may cause temporary irritation or burning for those with gastrointestinal problems.

Gamma-Zyme works in a wide range of pH environments. Below is a list of the enzymes and their function:


Alpha Galactosidase - Breaks down Melibiose, Raffinose and Stachyose sugars that are responsible for excess gas in the digestive system.

Amylase - Breaks down sugars and starches.

Cellulase - Hydrolyzes cellulose.

Gluco-Amylase - Breaks down sugars and starches.

Invertase - Breaks down cane and beet sugars.

Lipase - Breaks down fats and oils.

More Information:
Suggested Dosage:

For usual adult dosage take two to four capsules with meals.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
  Amount Per Serving % DV
Aloe Vera (2 types)
65 mg
257 cu
430 skbu
Gamma Oryzanol
40 mg
Peppermint Leaf
30 mg
Alpha-Galactosidase 473 gal
12 ag
Lipase1,084 lu
208 sumner
Calcium Citrate
10 mg
Other Ingredients: Cellulose and Rice Flour
* Daily Value not established
Vegetarian Capsules
Nothing in this product is of animal origin.
Scientific Studies:
In a double blind study published in a 1976 issue of the Journal of New Remedies and Clinics, the effectiveness of gamma oryzanol in gastrointestinal cases was examined. For this three-week study, 104 patients with upper gastrointestinal symptoms and associated autonomic instability (excessive sweating and labile hypertension) received either 75 mg. of gamma oryzanol or a placebo. The group receiving gamma oryzanol experienced significant reduction in anorexia, abdominal distention, general fatigue, and palpitations after the first week. Patients over 40 years of age saw a greater reduction in symptoms than younger patients. Researchers concluded that gamma oryzanol was highly effective and caused minimal side effects.

A 1977 issue of the Journal of New Remedies and Clinics reported on the results of a clinical trial designed to evaluate gamma oryzanol for effectiveness and safety in treating gastrointestinal ailments. The study included patients from 375 Japanese hospitals. Although the dosages varied, most patients received 300 mg of gamma oryzanol per day. Most patients were evaluated after receiving the gamma oryzanol for three weeks. Researchers reported that gamma oryzanol was effective in 90.8% of the patients. This breaks down as follows: 25.8% highly effective, 36.4% effective, 28.6% slightly effective, and 9.2% no change. Patients with autonomic instability, over 40 years of age, or female reported the most improvement. No significant side effects were observed.

The results from a double blind, placebo controlled aloe vera trial were published in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics in 2004. In this study, forty-four outpatients with active ulcerative colitis (a form of inflammatory bowel syndrome) were randomly given either oral aloe vera or a placebo. At the end of four weeks, subjects receiving aloe vera had a much higher rate of clinical remission and improvement compared to the placebo group. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera appear to have a beneficial effect on this condition by lessening gut hypersensitivity.

In an article published in Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, it is stated that the German Health Commission E has recommended peppermint tea as a remedy for indigestion. A 1996 study conducted in Germany examined the benefits of using peppermint oil on subjects with irritable bowel syndrome. Patients with moderate to severe pain symptoms experienced an 89.5% improvement. Clinical studies conducted in Britain and Denmark in the 1990s also reported positive pain reduction for patients with irritable bowel syndrome.



Langmead L., Feakins R.M., Goldthorpe S., Holt H., Tsironi E., De Silva A., Jewell .P., Rampton D.S. "Randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trial of oral aloe vera gel for active ulcerative colitis." Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics (19:7, pp. 739-747): Blackwell Publishing; 2004.

Takata Y., et al. "Double blind test of gamma-oryzanol on upper digestive tract symptoms accompanied by indefinite complaints." Journal of New Remedies and Clinics (25-4, pg 72): Japan; 1976.

Takemoto T., et al. "Clinical trial of Hi-Z fine granules on gastrointestinal symptoms at 375 hospitals (Japan)." Journal of New Remedies and Clinics (26-7, pg 25): Japan; 1977.

Wurges Jennifer. "Peppermint." Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine: Gale Group; 2001.



Cichoke Dr Anthony J. "The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy." New York: Avery Publishing Group Inc.; 1999.

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Customer Reviews Average Rating review
For many years I experienced food allergies & severe digestive problems. Also I suffered with bloating, pain & trapped intestinal gas at night. It was so bad that I could not get comfortable to fall or stay asleep at night. I was diagnosed with non celiac gluten intolerance & IBS. After I completely stopped eating gluten, the bloating & pain went away but I still could not digest so many foods & continued with constipation and night time trapped gas. A very intelligent Amish Dr. recommended using Gamma-Zyme. I have experimented with many digestive enzymes over the years, but none have ever given me the results that these do. I've been taking one with each meal & one at bedtime for the past 7 years. I am now able to eat many of the foods that caused problems in the past (not gluten). As long as I take them faithfully I have no problems with gas, constipation or pain.
Reviewed by: Lee Ann C. from Oliver Springs, TN. on 9/22/2014
Great "Zymes"!
My family and I have been using Gamma-Zyme for years now as it WORKS! If we have an upset stomach or overeat we will all reach for a couple of Gamma-Zymes. Within minutes it soothes and relieves. I also take them nearly every night and it helps with my morning bowel movements. Great product!
Reviewed by: Gale Kuszmaul from Spokane, WA. on 1/28/2014
improvement in my IBS
excellent enzymes, have had trouble before with other digestive enzymes actually causing irritation or burning. Do very well with these enzymes, they do not make my IBS worse.
Reviewed by: mm from Bothell Washington. on 2/27/2013
Gamma-Zymes Changed my Life!
I was diagnosed with gastritis and was prescribed Zantac. If I ate a meal without taking them, I experienced great discomfort. A friend of mine recommended that I try Gamma-Zymes. For approximately 1 week, I took Gamma-Zymes with meals in addition to the Zantac. Being one not fond of taking medication, I decided to stop taking the Zantac, and use the Gamma-Zymes only. After my first meal only using Gamma-Zymes, I felt fine. After about a 10 days of Gamma-Zymes only, I went out to dinner and forgot to bring them along. I ate dinner, was having a great time when it dawned on me, I didn't take my Gamma-Zymes, and I felt great! No Gamma-Zymes and no pain! The next day I decided to see if I could eat again without taking the Gamma-Zymes. Once again I felt fine. In fact I have been fine ever since!! No more gastritis!! I didn't even finish the bottle!! I know I'm not supposed to say that natural supplements cured me, but I'm saying it..... I'VE BEEN CURED!!! Thanks to Gamma-Zymes, no more gastritis!!
Reviewed by: Donna Daniel from Country Club Hills,Illinois. on 12/30/2012
Helps tremendously
I've been taking this product for a few months, and it has made all the difference with my IBS. Helps me to stay regular.
Reviewed by: Melissa Poirier from Fernandina Beach, FL. on 4/19/2011
These digestive enzymes are great. I've struggled with digestive issues for a few years now and these have helped me a lot. I never eat a meal without them.
Reviewed by: Michele from SYRACUSE. on 4/4/2011
Wonderful for me and my puppy!
I had experience using Gamma-Zyme in college when stress caused damage to my stomach and digestive system and found it to be a wonderful supplement. However, I now give it to my dog who has gone through two surgeries (as a result of eating rocks). The rocks were lodged in his intestines, which caused part of it to die and be removed. He's had difficulty digesting food and maintaining weight since the surgeries, so I began to give him gamma-zyme (1 tablet in each food serving), and he's put on weight! I also believe gamma-zyme is repairing his intestinal tract and allowing him to absorb what he needs from his food.
Reviewed by: LC from Boise, ID. on 4/3/2011
Gamma-Zyme rocks!
I started using Gamma-Zyme more than 10 years ago, and my mom and I both used it for many years. Then as time went by, I started sampling other enzyme formulas--usually more expensive--and trying them. Only to find that, after all these years, NOTHING works as well as the original Gamma-Zyme. I'm back, and this time, I'm sticking with the best!
Reviewed by: LG from Baldwin, NY. on 4/2/2011
Made living my life w/ IBS totally managable!
I tried several alternative supplements & even prescriptions from Dr. visits. This product is the only safe alternative w/ no side effects what-so-ever that I have been able to find that REALLY, truly helps! I've told about everyone I know that Gamma-Zyme has really saved my life. If you suffer from IBS & are frustrated w/ beig able to stay regular I reccomend this product 100%!
Reviewed by: April from Colville, WA. on 11/3/2010
I've been using the gamma-zymes from r-garden for almost one year and they have worked wonders for me. I don't have a gallbladder, so I was restricted to many, many kinds of foods (fried, salty, spicy, fatty). A friend of mine recommended this product to me and from that day, I've had no problem digesting and breaking down my food. A big plus side to using this product, because it helped me digest my food, I managed to lose weight as well. I very highly recommed this product to everybody!
Reviewed by: MN from Scarborough, OON. on 11/2/2010
Gamma Zyme for IBS
I suffered for years with IBS with no real medication or natural products helping me out. Then about 8 yrs ago I found Gamma Zyme. I used it for a yr and all my symptoms totally went away. Since then I have only had to use it off and on when I am not eating right. I also give it to my son when he has had trouble with constipation.
Reviewed by: Sheila Bueche from Bend, OR. on 11/2/2010
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